Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arrival in Seoul

Well, I made it so far. Woke up at 0300. Caught the 0530 out of VPS.

Got to Atlanta without a problem. Caught the flight from Atlanta to
Detroit. I was stuck in the back if the plane for both of those
flights, I was sitting with the deadweight pilots, lol.

Got to Detroit and made it across the airport in plenty of time. Was
put on the plane in a window seat in row 51 with a mother and small
child next to me. The little boy did fine for the first hour, but
then he started getting antsy so a flight attendant approached and
offered to move me to another seat, she was looking around in coach
until I mentioned that my uncle is(was) a Delta pilot and she moved me
up to business, while apologizing for not being able to move me to
first on her own.

So I ended up with an upgrade that included more leg room, comfier
seats, bigger seats, an empty seat next to me, and a spot in row 31
instead of 51.

It was pretty nice since that upgrade normally costs $400 for
non-regular flyers.

I don't think it would have happened though if I hadn't been put next
to the antsy little kid.

I was able to catnap on the way over, but I'm not sure what I'm
running on now, besides the three meals they fed us. That was pretty

Got through immigrations and customs no problem and then went off
looking for an ATM. Some guy, a car service driver or something,
thought I was military, and offered to give me a ride to the nearest
base, lol.

Finally found an ATM that took my card and now I'm just waiting for
the other teacher, Casey, to arrive. Then we're catching the bus to

My phone is permanently on airplane mode now and I'm using the airport
wifi. I probably won't update again until I'm all settled. Hopefully
that will come with pictures and a video walkthrough of my apartment.

It may be a few days though, so don't panic! :P

Miss you all!!!

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